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Greg Nuckols broke the all-time drug-tested WR raw with wraps with an 1885 total at 242.  That’s a 503.5 wilks, and he’s only been training seriously for 2.5 years.  Further proof of the power of the beard.

My buddy Greg!!!! Such a beast !!

This is my good friend, training partner, and fellow strength coach at Mash Elite Performance, Greg Nuckols! He’s got brains and brawn.

This video is from the IPA Powerlifting meet on Saturday. After my MDUSA tryout, me, my coach, and my best friend drove over to cheer him on along with about 15 other lifters from Mash Elite, and about 5 from UNC Chapel Hill :) That was a lonnnnnnnnggggg day haha. But awesome


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